Saturday, May 28, 2005

made it

I made it!!!!!!!!!!!  The week ended with me dealing with all the lucky people escaping town and heading off to the long weekend.  But it wasn't too awful bad.

The kids were a lot less rowdy today so it was better.  Although they are so clueless.  I have shuttle 5 girls from one high school to the other and they told me one girl wasn't there so I left.  Seems she was there and I had to go back...she was sorry though because she was messing around and missed the bus.

There is a huge soccer meet today so we had to re arrange all our buses and of course a big deal had to be made over that.  Work wanted people to come in on the holiday to move the buses back but I said NO I value my long weekend and if I have to work this summer (hubby's orders), I am taking advantage of my holiday.

Actually I don't mind working this summer the days are only 4 hours long and since my insurance won't be taken out I will be bringing in at least our house payment.  Mark works really hard in the summer usually 60 hour weeks so it's the least I can do right???

And besides it's almost summer and summer is the BEST!!

Have a wonderful holiday all!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Let the insanity begin!  With only 7 days left of school the insanity has begun.  Children trying to see who can beat the snot out of each other first, screaming, tattle taling...we got it all on bus 30.  And for dessert seat writing... I <3 J...joey, and who every else they are in love with today.  God help me get through the next 7 days...yesterday I thought it was Friday...luckily we have Monday off.

other bus news...a fight between a girl and a boy, with blood shed, screaming matches, a seizure...police being called, supervisors subbing....7 more days, 7 more days!!


Next week I bid on a summer route...thank God they only last a month and require 4 hours of my day...I love my summer time!!  Time to refresh, regroup and clean my house!  Love you all....rose!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

big bad storm

Well it's been a lonnnng week, we were retrained for the summer session and I had a field trip today that involved a preschool teacher telling me where to park and such.  I parked where I thought I would be safe and she blamed me for 'running' late back to the school.  Oh well it all worked out.

Then on the home trip in the PM< I had 3 alternative kids to take home.  On is very obnoxious but in an innocent way.  He likes my attention so he agreed to get dropped off last.  In the meantime a huge storm blew in about 10 miles west of where we were at.  I mean it was blowing, hailing and raining like mad.  Drivers were calling in saying they were pulling off the road.  They were calm compared to the dopes that kepted calling on the radio with the "spinning cloud" sightings and clouds that had long tips that were reaching the ground.   Ish these freaks weren't even in the storm and they were freaking out and pulling off the road and running for cover and they didn't even have kids on their buses.

My charges and I went to the 2nd kid's house and used the phone to figure out what really was going on.  And after a quick bathroom break we were off to his house. With only a wet mad dash to the bus.

I have learned in my life that freaking out only causes panic...staying wonders. 

And I am safe...and so are the kids...have a great day all...


ONLY 10 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2005

14 days

14 days until school is out and I am telling you I am more than ready for this school year to end.  If I don't hear ..." so and so did this and so and so did that" a million times I 'd be suprised.  I had to tell my grade schoolers today that I was tired of repeating the same things over and over every day.  Of course one kid had to say, "it's not everyday".  ISH!!!  and this is the kid that had to write me a note because he was arguing with me!!  He did stop himself again.  I think he realized I meant business. 

Tomorrow all have to get retested for summer routes which is a-ok with me because I went throught this just a few short month ago.  Everybody else is freaking out.  But at my work that is normal.  And I want a route this summer. So you gotta do what you gotta do!

And for all you that say I am special.  I am doing what I love, I hate office work, greedy adults, being indoors all day, being bossed around and with my job I have a nice balance of freedom, and I get paid to stand around.  But mostly I love kids, they are so open, honest and truly loving.  That's why I do what I do!  I am bless that I actually am good at it

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

my sub for the day

Next time I need off I'll use this big fellow for my sub.  Bet the kids won't give him a hard time!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

back to work

Came back to work today.  And I was greeted with an empty DOT book.  Seems 4 different drivers drove my bus in 2 days and each one had to inspect my bus, but the last one neglected to put a new book in my bus.  She was mad anyway because the kids told me she got stuck behind some work trucks and wouldn't go through until they moved. It's a tight fit.  The high schoolers are used to me just going through. And I guess she yelled at my little ones.  Oh well, at least they were glad to see me.  Because as soon as every route saw me they said, "WHERE  WERE YOU!~!"  At least I know I am cared about...or at least I know that these kids like routine.  Only bad thing was one of my high school kids dumped a juice all over the floor.  I will be on the look out tomorrow to see who did it.  because they spilled last week too.  Easy enough they sit right in the middle out in the aisle.  No one ever said high school kids are real are they?

I did get very tired though today.  Tried to take a nap at midday but couldn't.  So I think I'll go to bed early tonight.  That's to be expect after a surgery. 

Only 5 weeks left of school.  I will be working this summer though, hopefully only part time. 

I am off night all..