Monday, June 27, 2005

monday in bus 501

  After hearing all these horror stories about bus 501, the very bus that is assigned to my new route, I was quite pleasantly suprised to find it a fine bus.  It's alttle one, a "short" bus, and the oldest in our fleet, but it drives fine.  It's motor gives off alot of heat but the 2 fans work fine and I wasn't too hot.

My student does not talk only plops himself in the backseat and ignores me, even when I talk to him.  I have a way of getting even the silent types to talk so we shall see.  Otherwise the 1/2 hour trip will be fine if it's quiet, as there is a alot of traffic to the out of district special school he attends.

There are probably 20 buses that line up at this small center and the parking lot is very small.  We have to pull in and then turn around.  Cars, vans and even a limo try to cut in or drive down the center of the road.  No wonder there has been a couple of accidents involving one of our contracted buses.  I am in no hurry and safety is #1 to I just sit, scope out the situtation and then make my move. 

Such excitement for a summer route!

And yes Kathy ( I tried to email you but your screen name wouldn't let me!) I would love to drive a passanger bus someday, makes for interesting people...also the town I live in is 45 miiles southwest of Chicago, which isn't too far from O'Hare...WOW do you drive the interstates???  YOU are brave, I drove to Lombard once last summer and I88 was a mess!.  Enjoy your charter!!! 

Take safe!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I"m driving!

They put up a driving route starting next I bid on it and GOT IT!   I am glad because my monitor duties are ending next Friday...This route goes until mid August same 4 hours but driver pay plus our raise that starts July 1st.  YIPEE!  I take 1 child about 30 minutes away, go home for 2 hours and go back and get awesome is that????????????

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

friday night shuttle

I tried to do this entry Saturday morning, but aol was being goofy so here's an update...

On Friday night I drove the shuttle for the fest.  The bus on the left looks a lot like the one I drove.  It sat 30 people, but not too many folks knew what I was doing driving back and forth from one side of the school to the other, so I didn't gett to many takers..  I mostly had to dodge people walking back to the carnival from the band concert.  I don't think too many foks realized that I was there to serve them!  But I did have about 40 people and I was thanked profusely by an elderly lady who was cold and tired after the band concert. 

Toward the end of the evening my daughter road with me so that passed the time.

All and all it was a good night.  Next year though the need really BIG SIGNS ! on the bus.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

it's going...

Things are going pretty good so's been a week since summer session started and a girl could get used to these hours!  Plus it cooled off to a glorious 70 degrees!  Old bus 30 is in the shop getting the seats fixed.  I am thinking I will pick that bus next year...I mean we do have history!

The only problem I have this summer is parents who do not meet their special needs child at the curb.  Some of these folks aren't there!  We pull up and they are supposed to be waiting for us...but a few make us call base to have them call their house or make me walk to the door....some of these kids have to sit on a hot bus for 45 minutes and that type of delay really effects the whole group. ISH!

That's my grip for the week promise!

We had to move all our buses to the high school because of Prairie fest.  It's a big town fest and they are using our base and parking lot.  Friday night I driving a van to shuttle people to the carnival...I even have a special shirt...aren't I lucky???

take care!

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

summer route

Today is the first day of Summer session.  I am monitoring for another driver.  We have 15 kids from preschool to 6 th grade with a variety of handicaps, including one wheelchair..  I was a special service aide for many years so I am very experienced with these special children. 

I did get a workout though.  Had to have a 3 year old show me how to hook his carseat (kidding~sort-of) but I managed to get every body settled in in a timely manner.  Our route takes over an hour because our district is huge.  I actually like monitoring it's less stressful than rushing around driving and I am all about less stress this summer.  Especially with the temps reaching 90's today with high humidity. I was done this morning by 9:00 am and will be going back at 11:15 until 1:00...not a bad summer schedule!  And I really like hanging out with the kiddo's!

Monday, June 6, 2005

woo hoo last day~

It's really truly here the last day of school!!  Old bus 30 is swept, fueled, repairs written up and parked for a long summers rest.  And bus driver Rose is home resting up for a summer of sun, fun and goofing off.  Oh yeah that is if I don't get a summer driving route.  Seems some new routes are opening up and I will be the dutiful wife and bid on them.  But no matter I'll still be at least riding a bus, number 505 as a monitor...

My darling hubby announced via my 2 way that it was birthday and all my work found out.  One driver wrote my name on the board saying Happy Birthday Rose G.

I am not a big brithday nut...but hey it's my day right?....tomorrow is a day off and starting Wednesday let the summer routes begin....I am off to enjoy!

Saturday, June 4, 2005

almost last day

Yesterday was for all practical purposes the last day of school.  Actually, Monday we have a 2 hour day.  Which will mean we will drop off and turn around and pick up the kiddos.  There will probably be only 4 high school kids out of that have to finish up work at the last possible second.  We will have some Junior high kids, and all the grade schooler's they get their report cards so they all show up for that.  The high school and junior high kids get theirs mailed home.

I just realized that next year I may not have bus 30.  But I could if I wanted because it's such a old wreck that no one else would bid on it!  We bid on our routes and our buses.  The old girl will be there next year - she's not scheduled to be replaced if she was she would be a 2006 model and I'd never get that!  We are losing part of our district to contracted bus company buses.  We are adding 3 new grade schools next year.  Our town is so goofy that we have 2 high schools in the district.  Most districts break off into 2 districts but not us.  Massive growth is our problem.  And a very backward thinking village board.  In the past our 11 grade schools staggered their starting times so we could bus them all, but the parents all threw a fit because their little ones were getting home too late.  So now they will be having the same start and ending times.  We don't have a enough buses to accommodate that, hence the contracting out of the schools.  I know I have a job next school year so I am accepting the change.  Change simply means opportunity...or so my boss is telling us.

I am working this summer.  I did not have enough senority for a driving position so I am monitoring an early childhood route.  Less pay, but it's work.  My schedule is from 6/8 - 7/1.  The hours are 7-9 & 11-1.  Four easy hours in the coolest part of the day.  And after July 1st I am off until mid August.  Joy of joy's!

Makes hubby happy and me happy!  I'll update ....

Have a wonderful weekend...