Wednesday, June 20, 2007

old bus/new bus


This fancy bus is one of our old shorty buses.  It was painted and re-done to take to schools to educate children on bus safety.  It was paid for by generous sponsors.  I think it looks awesome!




Sunday, June 10, 2007

blowing off the dust

Time to blow the dust off the journal and since I have some time this summer I think I will revamp this place.  I had a lot mixed feelings about reporting about my daily adventures, afterall it is my job and as my son who is a Manager at a large home store says you have to be careful about what you put out there on the web.  He is interviewing for a new job and being a typical twentysomething he had to make his myspace journal private for a while.  No need to have your private life effect your job prospects.

I actually could have wrote about his past school year as it was pretty mellow.  I will be back to report on my summer routes soon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a new school/a new bus!


School officially starts Thursday, August 31st.  My old bus 30, was retired this year!  Her replacement is a shiny new 2007 model.  Electric doors and everything!  I did not get my old friend's replacement, and since I am in the middle of the seniority list I knew I would not.  I could have picked a 2006 or even a 2005, the newer type buses with their electric doors and parking brakes.  But I chose bus 60, a 2004 model that was lovingly taken care of by a girl that started when I did.  She quit this year, but I chose her old bus knowing it is the style I am used to and perfer.  It has the manual type service door and emergency brake you set with a long rod type thingy (thingy is that correct??!!). 

I also picked my daily routes, they are sweet too, I will dry run tomorrow and let you all know if my choice was a wise one.  Oh course I won't know for sure until school starts!

On Thursday I will pick my midday routes.  I am hoping to get an Early childhood route again and of course my same monitor as last year.  Working with good people is alway a big plus!

It's good to be back!   Much more to come!


2006 --- 2007 will be a great school year!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I drove by our department's shop the other day and saw my old friend bus 30 sitting with the other buses that are going to be retired.  I felt a tug of sadness when I saw the old girl.  Like anyone who drives for a living or owns a vehicle that they depend on you feel a certain bond.  I will miss that bus. 

I subbed the other day and drove a brand new van style bus, with an electric service door.  I really perfer a manual door, but I guess I should progress with the future.  I tend to be an old timer when it comes to change...I don't care for it!

We got our schedules for the upcoming school year.  We start our training the middle of August.  So I have over 3 weeks of freedom!  School doesn't even start until August 31st.  So I am going to enjoy the rest of the nice, hot summer!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

buses buses everywhere

I know, I know I swore I wasn't going to work this summer, but I did.  Buses just seem to be following me around too!  I ended up subbing a route which was easy, four hour day.  Then last Monday I moved buses from one school to another.  No children involved easy enough. 

Today was just plain freaky though.  I pop over to my local grocery store to pick up a few things and there's two of our buses on a field trip!  I stopped by long enough to give the drivers a hard time and then on with my summer!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

school's out!!!


Today is the last day of school!!  I resisted the urge to put my name on a summer route too, it was put up after the rest had been bid on.  NO! NO!  I am NOT working this summer!  I need break!  Here comes summer!  I am ready!

Saturday, June 3, 2006

took my drivers test

My driver's license was up for renewal on the 6th of June.  I had to take ALL four tests too!  Including the core knowledge test you take when you are 16!  I just got my permit for driving a school bus 3 years ago too.  Along with the core knowledge test I had to take the CDL, the passenger endorcement and school bus endorcement, 4 test in all.  I was very, very nervous as the test is now computerized and if you miss a question it tells you right away.  I did study and made sure I skipped any questions that I wasn't sure of.  I was able to go back to them, or if I had enough questions correct the computer stopped the test with a passing grade.

AND of course I pass all four the first time!  Now I am good for 8 years!

School is winding down, the high school kids take their finals Monday, the Junior high is going to the pool (I am driving), and the grade school kids only need to be tolerated for 1 and 1/2 more days.

It hailed on me yesterday, but the cooler temperatures have been  welcome.  It gets super hot on a school bus!