Thursday, April 28, 2005

busy week

It's been a very busy week.  Bus evacs on Monday.  I got another shuttle at 10:45 so my layover time is now 45 minutes less.  But I do pick up some extra hours.  Yesterday we had a guy speak about railroad crossings.  Pretty interesting.  The rubber band kid won't ride the bus he's walking home, saw him yesterday.  I think I may have put some sense into him either that or he's just embarrassed.   Who knows with Junior high kids...rough age.

Otherwise it's a normal week, the Juniors have tests so they get out early, and the Seniors are off so it's pretty quiet at the High school.

Today is my last day this week because of my biopsy surgery....oh yeah the mechanics bought us all some really cool bus driver t' shirts...great guys!

Friday, April 22, 2005


Rained here with very cold winds...ick I don't like the cold!


Well I made it through this week!  About midweek I started picking up a boy who I can only say is very goofy...and I mean it in the most nice way possible.  He can't handle junior high so they have him at the alternative school.  He leaves at 11:00 so Ibring him home.  He's just plan funny! He kept trying to get me to turn the wrong way.  And he told me that I should get paid 90,000 dollars an hour.  I'll go for that in a heartbeat!

Yesterday I had a 6th grader shoot rubber bands at a girl and hit her in the face.  I finally got to write somebody up on my junior high route and it was him!.  This kid has been looking for me to do it too.  For days he has sat right behind me and laughed his head off on purpose just to annoy me.  He has that girly squeaking trying to mature type voice too.  I finally said move to the back of the bus because I can't listen to you anymore.  So what does he do?  hurts this poor sweet girl.  He made cry too...poor kid's face was all red.  He must be worried because he didn't ride home today.  It takes a couple of days for the school to take care of these things I hope they put the fear of God in this mouths drive me nuts. There's a couple of more that I need to handle too.  They walk home and they keep crossing the busy street between our buses and then try and run across the busy highway against the stoplight...perfect makings for a kid to get hit.  I 'll have a word with them first...that may work. 

My high schooler were rowdy too.  A brand new kid was hopping over the seats already!  We will be having a little discussion about this on Monday.  I am tolerant but I am nobody's easy mark.  One nice thing was that this one girl had a friend ride home with her and she introduced us and said I was cool.  That actually made my day.

My grade school kids were so loud (I only have 30) that I had to blow my whistle to quiet them down.  They hate that!

So........another week down.  Hopefully, we can make it to the end of the school year without too many more write ups.  Kids just lose their minds this time of the year!

It's Friday and I am going to relax!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's raining

 It's raining and it's that cold windy raining that just blows right through you!  The nice thing is that the kids are a lot less hyper.  And glad to to see you, beats getting wet standing at the bus stop.

I found out that we are having some bus cuts, but only some schools because there are so many schools now and they want all the grade schools to start at the same time instead of having staggard times like they do now.  We shouldn't have any worrys about our jobs until contract time next year.  Then it will be all about demands which we should be happy with what we have~which is a very good benefit plan.  My big problem with busing in this community is the parents.  My children never had busing here, now the grade school kids have busing because my community won't pay to have a crossing guard at the busy corners.  What this is doing is creating fat lazy kids that now get a ride to school instead of walking.  Makes me very sad.

I guess it's the way of the the world, folks are so worried about somebody kidnapping their kids on the way to school that they over protect them.

Today was cool in that a little girl on the grade school route had a cookie dough fund raiser....yum!  I ordered turtle pie cookie dough YUM!!

So the sun will be out tomorrow and hopefully be warmer, plus it's an early dismissal day so I'll be busy but out

Saturday, April 9, 2005

A good week

I had a good week.  Nothing like the sunshine to brighten up your days.  Yesterday I did bus evacuations.  The other driver didn't show up right away so I had to do both classes which really filled up my bus.  Turns out he went to the wrong school.  His excuse was that he had done too many tirps this week and was tired.  Too tired to read your sheet to tell you where to go???  I had a piece of metal sticking up by my back exit the one we use to practice the drill.  The kids sit down and drop down out of the bus.  If they do it the proper way.  The bigger kids try and hop out.  Anyway this poor little girl ripped her pants on the metal piece, at least she didn't get cut.  So my wayward busdriver pounded the piece down for me.  At least he was good for something.  He said he doesn't like to do the drills and I am like why did you volunteer???

The kids are still really wound up because of the weather.  I got a new high school girl from Arizona.  A couple of the other girls on the bus all gather around her and said, 'oh are you new, well welcome' , which I thought was so sweet, but then they proceeded to say, "Oh we hate it here, we wish we could go back to our old school".  I said "hey stop wrecking things for this poor girl, let her find out for herself, besides, I 've been here for 47 years and it's not that bad!"  Then of course they tried to kiss up by saying "you don't like that old!" 

I have always been told I look younger than my years...I think it's because I act so young.  It's all a state of mind.

And this state of mind is going to enjoy this day off!  It's Saturday!!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Back to work

work is so much easier when the sun it out!  kids are so much easier to deal with when they get some fresh air and exercise.  this month is bus evacuation drills so I will be picking up some extra hours doing those.  a couple of the snowbirds came back to work....i'm glad because those old guys are so funny.  we also hired a couple of new drivers...and a couple quit so i'm moving up the seniority list.  whoo hoo, because I need to work this summer....

well it's that time again...enjoy the sunshine! and the 70's ... rain's coming least here in the midwest!!

Friday, April 1, 2005


Well it DID rain!  I picked the kids up this after I talked my way into driving a conventional bus.  Which made me feel more comfortable if it rained, which it did on the way to the school which was 25 miles away from Oswego East.  When we got there the coach said "game cancelled" so we turned around and went back to their school.  Not a bad day for 2 1/2 hours worth of nothing!  Oh well, at least I got home in time to be with my hubby on our ANNIVERSARY!!  AND the only thing I had to clean up on the bus was one gaterade bottle and a few sunflower seeds...darn those sunflower sides!!!

I am off to enjoy the rest of SPRING BREAK!!

field trip baseball

I am working this afternoon.  It's a 10th grade baseball game and it's supposed to rain.  At least the girl"s bus I got assigned (they only assign reliable buses...mine is really old) likes me so if they get it really muddy, she'll forgive me.  No really I'll have the weekend to go back and clean up the mud when it dries up.  But her bus is a RE <rear engine> which I have not driven that type since last summer.  Oh well the fun begins.

Have a great weekend!