Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a new school/a new bus!


School officially starts Thursday, August 31st.  My old bus 30, was retired this year!  Her replacement is a shiny new 2007 model.  Electric doors and everything!  I did not get my old friend's replacement, and since I am in the middle of the seniority list I knew I would not.  I could have picked a 2006 or even a 2005, the newer type buses with their electric doors and parking brakes.  But I chose bus 60, a 2004 model that was lovingly taken care of by a girl that started when I did.  She quit this year, but I chose her old bus knowing it is the style I am used to and perfer.  It has the manual type service door and emergency brake you set with a long rod type thingy (thingy is that correct??!!). 

I also picked my daily routes, they are sweet too, I will dry run tomorrow and let you all know if my choice was a wise one.  Oh course I won't know for sure until school starts!

On Thursday I will pick my midday routes.  I am hoping to get an Early childhood route again and of course my same monitor as last year.  Working with good people is alway a big plus!

It's good to be back!   Much more to come!


2006 --- 2007 will be a great school year!