Friday, July 29, 2005

a rollin' down the highway

The summer is moving along...traffic is awful!  I go during the morning rush hour and then when I go get my child it's lunch time and everybody is out on the road for lunch.  So many cars, trucks, semis, so many many people!  On the way back to base after I drop him off I take the different way home, I take the more scenic route, instead of strip malls and semis, I see large beautiful homes, and gardens, with huge trees.

I love the summer, it's so nice and slow paced, A girl could get so spoiled!

This fall we are having to contract out part of our district.  Which will be 22 buses, 1 high school, 1 junior high, and 3 grade schools.  It will for us to prove how worthy we are of our jobs.  Many school districts in this area are going to contracted companies, which I don't agree with, corporations couldn't possibly have the same attitude as a home town bus driver.  Ah change, I used to resist it with a passion, but I've aged and mellowed, and tend to go with the flow.  Things alwasy work out anyway.  Plus makes for a happier ROSE!

Ok I am off to enjoy the start of my weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

still drivin'

I am still working and have settled into a nice although a bit boring routine...I do have a week between the end of my route and bids for the that will be good.

It's finally cooler so that really helps...although my little guy is starting to be a wee bit naughty. 

Take care!

Friday, July 15, 2005

fried friday

It's still very very hot and not  much rain here.  WE got a whole 1/16th of an inch the other day...Dennis never made it up here!   Got paid today and to tell you the truth driver pay (with extra for special needs) is way better than monitor pay.  Next pay period has my raise too...and I now have 30 sick day...and this is only my third year. Gotta love our Union!

Sjpeaking of Unions.... My 60 mile a day trip was quite a headache this week.  I got back trusty 501, it passed the inspection lanes and I did my daily trek to Ed center.  Along the way I encountered some Walgreens Pharmacists sitting on some chairs doing their strike thing.  The Walgreens store is still under construction, but hey I am in a Union too, so whatever...BUT later on down the road there is one HUGE back up, I mean we are going 10 in a 50 mile an hour speed zone.  Seems the Budwiser guys are on strike too, but they aren't being so nice about their stiking.  They're hanging out in the road with big signs...saying 'honk'.  I am like whatever again, and continue on down the road roasting even more because old 501 throws a ton of engine heat.  The week progresses and the naughty Bud guys now cause an accident because people are gawking at them.  Another day they decide to block the road with one of their trucks.  They really are giving Unions a bad name.  Why can't they all polite like the Pharmacists and hang out and chit chat while they make a point?  Today was the topper they had a huge blow up RAT with strike signs on it.  My opinion of the teamsters union is not very high...we had a very bad experience with that very union when we owned the Peterbilt.  They always wanted their dues, their health and wealth fare ($1500/month) no matter how slow work was. 

BUT .... I chug along the highway and smile, I have a job's Friday...the kid that everybody said would never go to school past 2 weeks has made it 3 and he actually smiles at me now!   Warms my heart!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2005

is it thursday already?

Got on the bus on Tuesday, picked up my student, drove the 30 minutes to the Ed center and low and behold there was us and another bus and NO ONE else in site. Seems they had no school and we were the last to know!  So I drove my student home and had the rest of the day off. 

This particuliar school I go to is an Education Center for very troubled or handicapped children.  Not physically handicapped but mentally or emotionally.  There's alot of kids in harnesses, which are a contraption that hook a kid into the seat on the bus so they don't try and get up or move around the bus.  It's all about safety when it comes to bus riding.  Many of these kids look to be in their teens.  They are children that are unable to go to a regular classroom setting.

 Picture of a girl in a school bus with a safety vest.This is basically what the vest looks like, it's zipped up the back and then there are four hooks to attach the vest to the seat that is secured by a belt around the seat vertically.  I used one on the other route that I monitored for an autitic child.  My child now doesn't use one.  He's pretty good, I listen for him to hook his seat belt, but lately he's been lifting the emergency door handle to listen to the buzzer.  I've been letting him sit in the back which is only about 5 rows back because my bus is small, but he may need to come up front if he keeps goofing around.  He's not being bad just curious, so I'll see how it goes.

Everyday at this center is an adventure.  It has a very small parking lot.  We all line up on the street, wait our turn and proceed to pick up our children.  Then we go to the end of the lot and turn around.  And while we all must wait there are a few who think they can cut in or go around others. Every bus is a small bus, but there are limos, suburbans, and cabs too.  My boss told me there are a lot of accidents that happen in this small parking lot and I can see why.  I am the type who is not in hurry, why should I be, I get paid to wait.  Besides with the state of the world today...what's the hurry???

Say some prayers for the poor folks in London....this world is a scary place...and today I am counting my blessings, doing my part to be a courteous driver, and help out a fellow human being.  It's the least I can do.  Safe driving all...

Saturday, July 2, 2005

3 day weekend!

Mark is also off today which is Saturday and Monday!  Everybody please have a safe and happy 4th of July!

I am on my summer route until mid August. 

So I will have many many cool stories to

share!  Take care!